billboard-sbWelcome to Preservation Teams

The purpose of the establishment of the Preservation Teams is to be prepared to defend and assist our families, neighborhood and city in the event of crisis. While no one knows if or when a disaster may occur, everyone knows that it is better to be prepared than to wait for a disaster to occur to then determine what to do. If you have an interest in finding out more, please complete the totally confidential form and we will get back with you as soon as possible!

Whether you are interested in just taking care of your own home and family,learning more about what you need to do to be prepared, taking emergency response classes, or joining a neighborhood watch or other volunteer program,fill out the confidential form today and we will contact you and send you in the right direction.

Be prepared! Fill out the form and let us help you.

NOTE: We will never ask for a donation or a fee of any kind and we do not sell anything. The only reason for this site is to help people to be prepared in the event of a crisis in our community. It is critical that we can protect our family, our street, our neighborhood and our community, so fill out the form and let’s work together to protect ourselves!

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